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All Reviews

November 2018

“Wizard of Oz”—Charming Stage Pictures, at Berkeley Playhouse

“All the Way” Makes LBJ Real to Us, at Palo Alto Players

“Tartuffe”—Thoroughly Modern Moliere, at CAL, Berkeley

“In the Heights” Elevates Immigrant Spirit, at Custom Made, S.F.

“Aida”—A Kinetic Explosion! at Broadway by the Bay, Redwood City

“Twelfth Night”—A Delightful Whirlwind, at Arabian Shakes, S.F.

“Cardboard Piano” Shocks with War & Love in Uganda, at NCTC, S.F.

“Men on Boats”─A Rollicking Pioneer Delusion, at ACT, S.F.

October 2018

“The Boy from Oz” Dances into Our Hearts, at Rhino, S.F.

“Dancing Lessons” Shimmies and Shakes, at Center REP, Walnut Creek

“Arabella” Engages Musically and Theatrically, at S.F. Opera

“You Mean to Do Me Harm”—Four Superb Actors Expose Our Obsessions, at S.F. Playhouse

“Dracula”—A Haunting Masterpiece, at Theatre Lunatico, Berkeley

“Hedda Gabler” Surprises and Charms, at Pear Theatre, Mountain View

“The Resting Place” Exposes Horrifying Family Secrets, at Magic Theatre, S.F.

“Women Laughing Alone with Salad” Gets Salty, at Shotgun Players, Berkeley

Main Stage West—Best of the Best, in Sebastopol

“Graveyard Shift” Digs Up Texas Terror, at S.F. Playhouse

“Thoroughly Modern Millie”—Antiquated, yet Charming, at CCMT, Walnut Creek

“Hamlet” Breaks New Ground, Amazingly, at Ubuntu, Oakland

“The Night Alive” Illuminates Dubliners’ Dark Lives, at Main Stage West, Sebastopol

“Chekhov’s Ward 6″—Still Critical & Passionate, at Central Works, Berkeley

“Oslo” Pinpoints Palestine/Israel Accord, at MTC, Mill Valley

“Seen/By Everyone” Lyrically Dissects Online Grief, at Yugen, S.F.

“The Obligation” Delivers Life Lessons, at Potrero Stage, S.F.

“Fairview” Takes Back Black Culture, at Berkeley Rep

“70 Scenes of Halloween”—Terrorizes and Delights, at Playhouse, U.C. Berkeley

“Fun Home”—Heartfelt Sexual Coming Of Age, at TheatreWorks, Mountain View

“Uncle Vanya”—A Vibrant Cage Match of Discontent, at Cutting Ball, S.F.

“Tosca”—A Beautifully Sung but Unimaginative New Production, from S.F. Opera

“Good Night, Gorilla”—Adorable Intro to Theater, at BACT, Berkeley

“Red Scare on Sunset” Hilariously Spoofs McCarthyism, at NCTC, S.F.

“Clybourne Park”—Captivating Comedy of Class & Race, at Altarena, Alameda

“Sweat”—A Passionate Portrait of U.S. Workers, at ACT, S.F.

“The Revolutionists”—Didactic Comedy of Ideas, at Town Hall, Lafayette

“Refugee Voices & Trojan Women” Awakens Our Empathy, at Multi Ethnic Theater, S.F.

“Acid Test” Delivers Insight from Other Dimensions, at The Marsh, S.F.

“dirty butterfly” Destroys and Rebuilds, at Anton’s Well, Berkeley

September 2018

“Dreamgirls” Hits the High Notes, at Berkeley Playhouse

“The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence”—Actors Shine, at Dragon, Redwood City

“Allegiance”—Dark, Yet Uplifting, At CCCT, El Cerrito

“Baby Doll” Teases Out Tense Truths, at Shelton Theater, S.F.

“Black Odyssey” Returns, Astounds! at Cal Shakes, Orinda

“The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?”—Best of Breed! at Custom Made, S.F.

“Church” Blows the Roof Off Religion, at Crowded Fire, S.F.

“Hedwig and the Angry Inch” Makes Us Lift Up Our Hands, at Ray of Light, S.F.

“Dead and Breathing” Turns Toward Life, at Rhino, S.F.

“for colored girls” Unifies & Sanctifies, at African American Shakes, S.F.

“Cavalleria Rusticana” & “Pagliacci”—Stellar Singing and Acting from S.F. Opera

“Cat in the Hat”— An English/Spanish Riot, at BACT, Berkeley

August 2018

“Dȇmos Krátos Theátro” Inspires Laughs & Voting, at PianoFight, S.F.

“A Doll’s House, Part 2” Redefines Marriage, at Berkeley Rep

“Caesar Maximus” Strolls & Struggles in Golden Gate Park, at We Players, S.F.

“Detroit ‘67” Depicts Days of Fear & Rebellion, at Aurora, Berkeley

“Mamma Mia!” I think I’ll go AGAIN! to Center REP, Walnut Creek

“Northanger Abbey” Highlights Subtle Progressive Messages, at The Pear, Mountain View

“Kiss” Challenges Illusions & Delusions, at Shotgun Players, Berkeley

“Mahabharat”—Epic Immersion, at Naatak, Palo Alto

“Pool of Wonders” Glows & Beckons, at Ubuntu, Berkeley

“Native Gardens” Cultivates Border Wars, at TheatreWorks, Mountain View

“War of the Roses” Makes History LIVE, at Cal Shakes, Orinda

“Woman on Fire” Haunts & Unsettles, at Those Women, Berkeley

“Washed Up on the Potomac” Liberates Mad Men, at S.F. Playhouse

“Anniversary!”—A “Deep Kiss” & A “Victory Lap,” at Word For Word, S.F.

“#GetGhandi” Delights and Inspires, at Z Space, S.F.

“Where the Boys Are” Explodes, the Myth of Men, at Faultline, S.F.

“King of Cuba” Tickles, Triumphs at Central Works, Berkeley

“What They Said About Love” Charms, Thrills, at The Marsh, S.F.

July 2018

“Each and Every Thing” Triumphs, at The Marsh, Berkeley

“Hold These Truths” Captivates Hearts, at TheatreWorks, Palo Alto

“King of Cuba” Dissects Revolution, at Central Works, Berkeley

“Everybody” Speaks Boldly, Beautifully, at Cal Shakes, Orinda

“Oedipus at Palm Springs” Seduces and Shocks, at Theatre Rhinoceros, S.F.

“White” Unleashes Hidden Voices, at Shotgun, Berkeley

“Hunchback of Notre Dame” Dazzles, Delights, at Bay Area Musicals

“White” Blends Pigments Artfully, at Shotgun, Berkeley

“Sunday in the Park with George” Glitters, at S.F. Playhouse

“Dry Powder” Ignites Greedy Passions, at Aurora, Berkeley

“Measure for Measure” Mocks First World Problems, at Lunatico, Berkeley

“Seeing Red” Brings Cheers, Shouts, at S.F. Mime Troupe

“Universal Robots” Mesmerizes, at Quantum Dragon, S.F.

June 2018

“Two Mile Hollow” Ridicules Ruling Class, at Ferocious Lotus, S.F.

“In Braunau” Thrills with Dark Past, at S.F. Playhouse

“Soft Power” Musical Brings Hard Laughs, at The Curran, S.F.

“Straight White Men” Speaks to All, at MTC, Mill Valley

“Straight White Men” Captivates Curious Minorities, at MTC, Mill Valley

“Good. Better. Best. Bested.” Exposes Glitter and Gloom at Custom Made, S.F.

“A Walk on the Moon” Rocks the Crowd at ACT, S.F.

“Pete The Cat” Thrills Kids at BACT, Berkeley

“Quixote Nuevo” Attack La Frontera, at Cal Shakes, Orinda

“Das Rheingold” Gleams at San Francisco Opera

“A Lesson From Aloes” Explodes a Thorny Past, at Z Below, S.F.

“Sense and Sensibility” Slides into Town Hall, Lafayette

“Dry Land” Locker Room Talk Grabs Us, at Shotgun, Berkeley

May 2018

“Hamlet”—Family Affair Rocks Outdoors, at Marin Shakes, San Rafael

“Scapegoat”—Comic Artist Soars Close to Sun, at Playground Festival, S.F.

“The Tin Woman” Really Finds Her Heart, at Ross Valley Players

“Two Minds” Meld, then Clash, Brilliantly, at The Marsh, S.F.

“Topdog/Underdog”—Taut and Absorbing, at Ubuntu, Berkeley

“Bright Shining Sea” Moves Us to Tears, at Playground Festival, S.F.

“An Entomologist’s Love Story” Magnifies Dating Wars, at S.F. Playhouse

Angels in America, “Perestroika” Flies Us to Heaven, at Berkeley Rep

“Judy Moody and Stink, the Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt, at BACT, S.F.

“What the Constitution Means to Me” Updates Us on Our Rights, at Berkeley Rep

“Roman Women”—A Hit with Intensity, at We Players, S.F.

Michael Menager—Consummate Poet, Minstrel, at ArtsUp, S.F.

“Waafrika 123” Transfixes with Fire, at TheatreFIRST, Berkley

“Marjorie Prime”—Memories Come Alive, but May Not Be True, at MTC

“All the Shah’s Men” Highlights CIA Conspiracy in Iran Coup, at Arabian Shakes, S.F.

“The Congresswomen” Take Charge, at Exit Theater, S.F.

“Angels in America”—Flying on a Thread, at Berkeley Rep

“Father Comes Home from the Wars” Unlocks a Worker’s Worth, at ACT. S.F.

“Angels in America”: A Legendary Roy Cohn, at Berkeley Rep

“Tinderella”—Sexting, BART, & Lost Heels, at Custom Made, S.F.

Angels in America” More Powerful and Prophetic than Ever, at Berkley Rep

“Eureka Day” Deliciously Skewers Best Parental Intentions, at Aurora, Berkeley

April 2018

“Mystery of Love and Sex” Queries Friend-Sex in Gay Comedy, at NCTC, S.F.

“Inside Out & Back Again”: A Heartfelt Homecoming, at BACT, Berkeley

“Eureka Day”–An LOL Comedy on Parenting, at Aurora, Berkeley

“Mother Lear”—Intimate Glimpse into Dementia, at We Players, S.F.

“The Dream of Kitamura”: A Surreal Whodunit, at CAL, Berkeley

“Head Over Heels” Spews Dazzling Chaos, at Curran, S.F.

“Gangster of Love”—A Spectacular Family Reunion, at Magic Theatre, S.F.

“American Jornalero” Incarnates Workers’ Woes, at Ubuntu, Oakland

“Signs” Sends a Magical Signal, at PianoFight, S.F.

“Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike”—Playful Dark Comedy, at CCCT, El Cerrito

“Daughter of a Garbageman” Garnishes Oppression with Humor, at The Marsh, S.F.

“The Fantasticks” Delight! at Novato Theater Company

“Timon of Athens”—A Raunchy, Violent Tale, at Cutting Ball, S.F.

“What they Said About Love” Wrestles the Riddle of Love, at The Marsh, Berkeley

“Shirley Valentine” Celebrates Life, at Center REP, Walnut Creek

“A Different Long Stretch of Earth”—New West Wrestles Old, at Ragged Wing, Oakland

“Nijinsky”—Dancer’s Genius Flows Again, at S.F. Ballet

“Shifting Spaces” Explores the True Self, at Those Women, Berkeley

March 2018

“Red” Opens an Artist’s Mind, at Bread & Butter Theatre, S.F.

“Saturday Night” Romances With Charm, at 42nd Street Moon, S.F.

“Crystal” Cracks Barriers, at SAP Center, San Jose

“Iron Shoes” Weighs Us Down to Lift Us Up, at Shotgun Players, Berkeley

“The Wolves” Entertains with Musical Dialogue, at MTC, Mill Valley

“The Effect”—A Litmus Test for Love, at S.F.Playhouse

Call Me by Your Name—Desire Under the Lombard Sun

“Heisenberg”— Intriguing Tango for Two, at ACT, S.F.

“Dance of the Holy Ghosts” Takes Us to Church, at Ubuntu, Oakland

“Cowboy vs. Samurai”—Sweet & Hilarious, at Pear Theatre, Mountain View

“It’s Only a Play” Dazzles with Stage Scandals, at NCTC, S.F.

“A Number” Prophesies a Clone Crisis, at Aurora, Berkeley

“Kursk” Dives Deep to Subterranean Depths, at Lunatico, Berkeley

“All in the Timing: Short Comedies” Inspire Love, at U.C. Berkeley

“Hooded” Tickles with Dark Humor, at Custom Made, S.F.

“Mystery of Edwin Drood” Kills with Laugher, at Marin Onstage, San Rafael

“Vietgone”: Tantalizing Trip across Alien(ated) America, at ACT, S.F.

“Transitions” Launches Drag Queen at Drumpf & Putin, at The Rhino, S.F.

A Streetcar Named Desire” Spellbinds, Chills, at African American Shakespeare. S.F.

“Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.” Exhilarating, at Crowded Fire, S.F.

“Between Us” Forges New Paths, at TheatreFIRST, Berkeley

“Office Hour”: A Dose of Bone Chilling Reality, at Berkeley Rep

“Ragtime,” the Musical, Stuns and Wows, at Berkeley Playhouse

“Widowers’ Houses” Ridicules Gentrification, at Aurora, Berkeley

February 2018

“Between Us” Breaks Down the Barriers, at TheatreFIRST, Berkeley

“Bamboozled” Steals Your Heart, at Central Works, Berkeley

“Berkeley Dance Project 2018” Takes Us Inside, at Playhouse, U.C., Berkeley

“Reel to Reel” Opens Our Ears to Love, at Magic Theatre, S.F.

“The Secret in the Wings” Spins a Magical Tale, at CCCT, El Cerrito

“Lucia Berlin: Stories”–A Dark, Rich World, at Word for Word, S.F.

“What They Said About Love” Evokes Laughter, Introspection, at The Marsh, Berkeley

“Man of La Mancha” Shines Amidst Challenges, at Custom Made, S.F.

“A Streetcar Named Desire” Explores Primal Places, at Ubuntu Theater, Oakland

“A Streetcar Named Desire” Thrills, Chills, at Ubuntu Theater, Oakland

“Red Speedo” Exposes Our Competitive Madness, at Center REP, Walnut Creek

“Widowers’ Houses” Rocks with Comic Genius, at Aurora Theatre, Berkeley

“A Fatal Step”: Femme Fatale Spirals into Control, at The Marsh, S.F.

“Still at Risk” Sparkles with Style & Savvy, at NCTC, S.F.

“Skeleton Crew” Reveals Workers’ Woes, at Marin Theatre, Mill Valley

“Why I Died, a Comedy!” Internalizes Humor, at PlayGround, S.F.

“Megabytes! The Musical” Keeps Phones in Pockets, at Shelton Theatre, S.F.

“Alabama Story” Revels in Rabbits & Rage, at City Lights, San Jose

January 2018

“Born Yesterday” Arouses Laughter, Reflection, at S.F. Playhouse

“Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike”: Comic Riff on Family Life, at Altarena Playhouse, Alameda

“Sleeping Beauty” Stunningly Revived, by S.F. Ballet

“The Motherf**ker with the Hat”: A Compelling Ride, at Four Lost Souls, S.F.

“The Vagina Odyssey” Refreshes Feminism, at Monkey House, Berkeley

“RENT” Reflects Bay Area 20 Years Later, at Broadway San Jose

“Beautiful Oops!” A Planned Accident for Kids at BACT, Berkeley

“The Birthday Party” Shocks with Political Allegory, at ACT, S.F.

“Road to Mecca” Intrigues at Pear Theater, Mountain View

“What Just Happened?” Magnifies Mundane Moments, at PlayGround, S.F.

“Our Great Tchaikovsky” Melds Gender & Genius, at TheatreWorks, Silicon Valley

“Dear Dad” Calls for Action via Laughter, at ACT, S.F.

“Man of La Mancha” Gives Dreamers Hope, at Custom Made, S.F.

“Kipling Hotel” Invites Laughter & Love, at The Marsh, S.F.

“Partition” Celebrates Spiritual Insights, at Indra’s Net, Berkeley

December 2017

“My Stroke of Luck” at The Marsh, S.F.

“The Jewelry Box” at The Marsh, S.F.

“A Christmas Carol” at American Conservatory Theatre, S.F.

“Avenue Q” at New Conservatory Theatre Center, S.F.

“A Civil War Christmas” at Town Hall, Lafayette

“Ageless” at Quantum Dragon, S.F.

“Participants” at TheatreFIRST, Berkeley

 November 2017

“Watch on the Rhine” at Berkeley Rep

“Elephant & Piggie” at Bay Area Children’s Theatre

“Shakespeare in Love” at Marin Theatre Company

“Bright Star” at Curran, S.F.

“Durst Case Scenario” at The Marsh, S.F.

“Girls of the Golden West” at S.F. Opera

“School for Scandal” at Theatre Lunatico, Berkeley

“CSU Ferguson” at East Bay State, Hayward

“Over the River and through the Woods” at CCCT, El Cerrito

“Black Rider” at Shotgun Players, Berkeley

“Beautiful, The Carole King Musical” at San Jose Center

“Willy Wonka” at BACT, Berkeley

“The Royale” at Aurora Theatre, Berkeley

“The Lion in Winter”  at Custom Made Theater, S.F.

“Le Switch” at NCTC, S.F.

“Hamlet” at Arabian Shakespeare Festival, S.F.

“The Liar” at Center Rep, Walnut Creek

“The Normal Heart” at Theatre Rhino, S.F.

“You’re Going to Die” at Swedish American Hall, S.F.

“#bros”  at Faultline Theatre , S.F.

“The Eva Trilogy” at Magic Theatre, S.F.

October 2017

“Small Mouth Sounds” at A.C.T., S.F.

“Small Mouth Sounds” at A.C.T., S.F.

“Pinky”  at Marin Onstage, San Rafael

“Play!” at BACT, Berkeley

“Strange Ladies” at Central Works, Berkeley

“Signs” at PianoFight, S.F.

“Metamorphoses” at The Playhouse, CAL, Berkeley

“The Obligation” at Petrero Stage, San Francisco

“Imaginary Comforts” at Berkeley Repertory Theatre

“Ain’t Misbehavin'” at Gateway Theatre, San Francisco

“Thomas and Sally” at Marin Theatre Company

“The Song of the  Nightingale” at Town Hall Theatre, Lafayette

“Colette Uncensored” at The Marsh, Berkeley

“This Bitter Earth” at New Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco

September 2017

“Cabaret” at Contra Costa Civic Theatre, El Cerrito

“A Tale of Autumn” at Crowded Fire Theater, San Francisco

“The Legend of Pink” at Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at African American Shakespeare Company, San Francisco

“Measure for Measure” at Cal Shakes, Orinda

“Luna Gale” at Aurora Theatre, Berkeley

“Ain’t too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations” at Berkeley Repertory Theatre

“How I Learned to Drive” at Custom Made Theatre, San Francisco

“How Not to Die” at the 2017 Fringe Festival, San Francisco

“In the Next Room, of the Vibrator Play” at Pear Theatre, Mountain View

“Million Dollar Quartet” at Center REPertory Company, Walnut Creek

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” at Bay Area’s Children Theater, Berkeley

“Not a Genuine Black Man” at The Marsh, San Francisco

August 2017

“Blasted” at Shotgun Players, Berkeley

“Sister Act” at Berkeley Playhouse

“Rashomon” at Ubuntu Theater, Oakland

“Teddy Bears’ Picnic” at Oakland Children’s Fairyland

“Zenith” at S.F. Playhouse

“Radio Golf” at Multi-Ethnic Theater, S.F.

“Black Odyssey” at Cal Shakes, Orinda

“The Mathematics of Love” at Theater Brava, S.F.

“Pint Sized Theater”- PianoFight, San Francisco

The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence – Shotgun Players, Berkeley

Toba Tek Singh – Naatak, Woodside

The Other Place – Symmetry Theatre, Berkeley

July 2017

Castle Happy – Altarena Playhouse, Alameda

La Cage Aux Folles – S.F. Playhouse

This Land Was Made – Unbuntu

Elvis Has Left the Building – Chanticleers

Winter – Central Works

The Four Immigrants – Lucie Stern Theatre

Book of Mormon – Broadway San Jose

A Glass Menagerie – Cal Shakes

Life on the Ocean Wave – Exit Theatre

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Livermore Shakes

An Octoroon – Berkeley Rep 

Much Ado About Nothing – Marin Shakes

Rainbow Fish Musical – BACT

June 2017

In the Heights – CCCT

Brownsville Song – Shotgun Players

Hamilton – SHN Orpheum Theatre

The Graduate – Palo Alto Players

You mean to do me harm – SF Playhouse

The Legend of Georgia McBride – Marin Theatre

Beethoven – Theatreworks

Warplay – NCTC

How to be a White Man – Faultline Theatre

A Night with Janis Jopin – A.C.T SF

The Winter’s Tale – African American Shakespeare

Toxic Avenger – The Stage

The Soiled Dove – Tortona Big Top

Grandeur – Magic Theatre

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site – BACT

As you like it – Cal Shakes

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – Rhino

An Ideal Husband – Town Hall

Locus of Control – Bindlestiff Studio

As you like it – Cal Shakes

Altar Boyz – Center Rep

Mother Night – Custom Made Theatre

May 2017

The Roommate – SF Playhouse

Hela – TheatreFirst 

Monsoon Wedding – Berkeley Rep 

Sordid Lives – NCTC

Hedge – Portrero Stage

Brilliant Lies – Firescape Theatre

Monsoon Wedding – Berkeley Rep

Smut – Word for Word

The Mushroom Cure – The Marsh SF

The Mushroom Cure – The Marsh SF

The Events – Shotgun Players

Home – Lorraine Hansberry Theatre

Sweat – Studio 54, New York City

Guards at the Taj – Marin Theatre Company

Autobiography of a Terrorist – Golden Thread

Battlefield – A.C.T. SF

My Name is Rachel Corrie – Magic Theatre

April 2017

Autobiography of a Terrorist – Golden Thread 

The Encounter – Curran Theatre

Spell Eternity – Quantum Dragon

The Bodyguard – San Jose Center

Phèdre – Cutting Ball Theater

End of the Rainbow – Lesher Center for the Arts

Overnight – Flightdeck

Sisters Matsumoto – Center Rep Walnut Creek

Overnight – Flightdeck

Urinetown – Berkeley Playhouse

Macbeth – Theatre Luncatico

Breeders – Faultline

Cal Theater Alums 

The Memory Stick – The Stage

The Town Hall Affair – Z Space

The Lost Years – Contra Costa Civic Theatre

Needles and Opium – ACT SF

Fly Guy – Bay Area Children’s Theatre

The House of Yes – Custom Made

Sisters Masumoto – Center Rep Walnut Creek

Jitney – African American Shakespeare company

Nora – Shotgun Players

Grease – CCMT 

Jihad Jones – Arabian Shakespeare

To the Bone – Ubuntu Theater

New Girl in Town – 42nd St Moon

Summer in Sanctuary – Marsh SF

“Baltimore Waltz” – Magic Theatre 

March 2017

“The Merchant of Venice” – Theater of the Others

“Princess Ida” – Lyric Theatre

“Noises Off” – San Francisco Playhouse

“Wheels on the Bus” – Bay Area Children’s Theatre

Beowulf” – We Players

“You for Me for You” – Crowded Fire Theatre

“Without Mercy” – Off Broadway West Theatre

“Peerless” – Marin Theatre Co., Mill Valley

“A View from the Bridge” – Pear Theatre, Mountain View

“Eclipsed” – Curran Theatre, S.F.

Leaving the Blues” – NCTC, San Francisco

“Roe” – Berkeley Repertory Theatre

“John” – A.C.T., San Francisco

“Smokey Joe’s Café” – Town Hall Theatre, Lafayette

“Polaroid Stories” – The Playhouse, U.C., Berkeley

Don Quichotte – Island City Opera, Alameda

Holding the Edge – The Marsh, SF

Well – Contra Costa Civic Theatre

Years in the Hundreds – Central Works

Isaac’s Eye – Custom Made Theatre

February 2017

Four Dogs and a Bone – Firescape Theatre

Airport Insecurity – Naatak

Billy Elliot – Berkeley Playhouse

Death of a Salesman – Ubuntu

Eat, Pray , Laugh! – The Marsh, Berkeley

Silence! the Musical – Victoria Theatre

Ideation – Marin Onstage

Playtest – Shotgun Players

The End of Journalism – Shotgun Players

Fool for Love – Magic Theatre

Hand to God – Berkeley Rep

A Thousand Splendid Suns – ACT San Francisco

Daniel’s Husband – NCTC

The Real Thing – Aurora Theatre

The Christians – SF Playhouse

Women in Jeopardy – Center Rep

Native Son – Marin Theater Co

Waiting for Godot – Ubuntu Theater Project

January 2017

Uncanny Valley – Pear Theater

Importance of Being Earnest – aeofberkeley

Belleville – Custom Made Theatre

Don Pasquale – Island City Opera

Avenue Q – NCTC

Belleville – Custom Made Theatre

Tenderly, Rosemary Clooney Musical  – Altarena Playhouse

Hamlet  – Shotgun players

Gertrude Stein and a Companion – Rhino Theatre

Darwin in Malibu – Indra’s Net Theater

The Speakeasy – Boxcar theatre

December 2016

The Village Bike – Shotgun Players, Berkeley

The Lion King – SHN Orpheum Theater, San Francisco

The Madwoman in the Volvo – Berkeley Repertory Theatre

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley – Marin Theater Company, Mill Valley

Caught – Shotgun Players, Berkeley

946: The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips – Berkeley Repertory Theatre

A Christmas Carol – ACT, San Francisco

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – Shotgun Players, Berkeley – Millennial Notes

Rapture, Blister, Burn – Custom Made Theatre, S.F.

She Loves Me – San Francisco Playhouse

Equus – Theatre Rhinocerous, San Francisco

November 2016

All Aunt Hagar’s Children – Zspace

Safe House – Aurora Theatre

Luzia: A Waking Dream of Mexico – Cirque du Soleil

Aida – SF Opera

Putam County Spelling Bee – Bay Area Musicals

Madama Butterfly – SF Opera

1776 and Hamilton – Contra Costa Musical Theater

Major Barbara – Pear Theatre

Baker Street – 42nd St Moon

Beyond Therapy – Shelton Theater

Hearts of Spain – UC Berkeley Theater Dept – Millennial Notes

Black River Falls – Mojo Theatre

The Hard Problem – A.C.T – Millennial Notes

Summer in Sanctuary – The Marsh

October 2016

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf  – Shotgun Players

The Brothers Size – The Rhino – Millennial Notes

Rocky Horror – 6th St Playhouse

Peter and the Star Catcher – Marin On Stage

Chess – Custom Made Theatre

Nogales – Magic Theatre

The Last Tiger in Haiti – Berkeley Rep

Into The Beautiful North – Central Works

Shocktoberfest – Thrillpeddlers

The Brothers Size – The Rhino

Macbeth – Arabian Shakespearean Festival

Yellowface – BHP San Francisco

Seared – SF Playhouse

It Can’t Happen Here – Berkeley Rep – Millennial Notes

It Can’t Happen Here – Berkeley Rep

The Shipment – Crowded Fire

September 2016

Sweeney Todd – Raven Theater

King Charles III – ACT SF

My Fair Lady – Contra Costa Community Theater

All of what you love and none of what you hate – SF Playhouse

Othello  – Cal Shakes

Mr. India – Nataak

Caught – Shotgun Players

Frog and Toad – Berkeley Rep

Othello – Marin Shakespeare

Speed of Light – Quantum Dragon

August 2016

The Ice Cream Sandwich Incident – Faultline Theater -Millennial Notes

You Never Can Tell – CalShakes

The Thrush & the Woodpecker – Custom Made Theatre

Latin History for Morons – Berkeley Rep – Millennial Notes

Campo Maldito – The Exit

Hearts of Palm – Central Works

July 2016

Grand Concourse – Shotgun Players

John Leguizamo: Latin History for Morons – Berkeley Rep